Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for Active or Associate membership?
You only need to be associated with a Texas public school, private school, hospital, college, university, municipality or other institution concerned with the aims and objectives of the Association.

What are the qualifications for Vendor membership?
Individuals associated with manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, or service companies involved in the supplying or servicing of the facility maintenance and operations sector of the Active and Associate members of the Association.

How do I join?
Visit the Membership page to complete the online membership application. 

What are the annual dues?
Active & Associate Members pay $20 per year and Vendors pay $150 per year.

What is the Vendor Fair?
It is an annual event traditionally held in January as an opportunity for vendors to display their products and services for the membership. Spaces are purchased.

Who do I contact about sponsoring or hosting a meeting as a vendor or school district?
We welcome hosts and sponsors to contact the president or any officer for information.

How can I become an officer?
Officers must be either Active or Associate members and are elected by the body of members. Candidates enter as Treasurer and progress through the other positions of responsibility, through president. The entire service period is four years.